Una de Hayao

Not just in animation, but also in computer games,
children are sacrified to the interests of business.

I believe that animations robs children of real experience.

The worlds of TV and computer games are limited to the senses of sight and sound.
But when children encounter reality, they use all five senses, of sound,
sight, smell, touch and taste.

That's how they learn about their world.

A 3 year old child simply can't distinguish between images from reality and images on the television set. When children become absorbed in manufactured images instead of reality,
they confuse the world on TV with the real world.


It's assumed that children's films have to be filled with lots of distractions.
People believe that in Japan, too.
But we've spent... the last 30 years proving them wrong.

Hayao Miyazaki - Director, Animador, Fundador y Director del Studio Ghibli

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